Recently, I have taken up poetry. For years, I have avoided attempting to write some poetry. I was too used to writing short stories that I thought it would be too difficult. I attempted my first poem a few months ago. It was mediocre but it was a start. I really started writing poetry when I was nominated for the 5 day poetry challenge on Facebook. Every day, for the next five days, I had to write five poems and nominate other people to do the challenge. Let me tell you, it was a challenge. Honestly, I didn’t care about how bad my poems were. I was more worried about the literary criticism I would receive from my friends who are talented writers.

I love writing poetry. To me, poetry is writing the most memorable sentences that leave a huge impact and tie them together to create a beautiful flow of writing. The challenge was great and I got great feedback. I don’t claim to be the best poet out there. I am definitely not but ill be doing more of it. Poetry is a more personal, therapeutic style of writing and I enjoy it! I have always loved poetry by Yeats and Plath but I never thought I would write my own.

One of the recent poems I did that I proud of, is a poem I wrote dedicated to the 1989 film, Heathers. The film stars Winona Ryder and Christian Slater. If you guys haven’t watched it yet, I recommend it. Without giving too much away, I would describe it as a 1980’s version of Mean Girls with a dark twist. I got the idea of writing a poem about Heathers or even a poem in the point of view of the main protagonist. It wasn’t a serious project. It was just for fun. I ended up writing a couple more poems after this one about Heathers. This poem was written in the point of view of Winona Ryder’s character in the movie. It’s called “Chaos”.


“Greetings and Salutations”

Three little words and

Our chaos began.

With your sharp stare

And perplexing appearance,

I became hooked.

In a world filled with

How verys and teenage bullshit,

You were the one I needed.

Cloaked in black

Riding a mechanical steed,

You gave me my first gift.

The gift of defiance.

We shared views on

The horrors of popularity.

Oh how I wanted to be free,

From the norms of high school life!

Why must we be separate?

Why do the cheerleaders have to date the jocks?

Why do the geeks have to stay in the land of Krypton?

Why do I have to justify my actions

To three self-righteous Heathers?

You were something different,

A breath of fresh air in my stuffy existence!

I knew you would change me,

But not in the way I expected.

You didn’t relish in our gossip.

You wanted action,

Which soon turned deadly!

You were no longer the rebel I cherished!

You were the psychotic I feared!

My world turned into chaos,

To which, you replied:

“Chaos is what killed the dinosaurs, darling.”

I ended up in a more dangerous prison,

A prison designed by burnt out cigarettes

And fresh corpses.

A prison of your own creation.

It was an uphill battle,

But I broke free,

Leaving behind a lit cigarette,

And your presence in a puff of smoke.

I hope yee enjoyed it. I’ll be showing more poetry I wrote on here and talk about other poets I enjoy. Sorry I haven’t been updating a lot. I’ll try to do better. I’ll see yee all next time. Bye!!!!!