Out of Reach

New poem, guys. Hope yee like it!!

I walk around each passing day,

Looking…. Searching!

I’m searching for signs of you,

Of your dark brown locks,

Your knowing smile and your tuneful laugh.

I walk down the familiar streets of our town,

And I see flashing images of,

The joyful skipping you used to do

Down cobbled streets,

The way your hair danced to its own beat,

The way you looked on sunny days

With your hair tied back,

Letting the world see those beautiful green eyes!

I saw you for who you were!

I saw you as this pure

Unadulterated thing that was untouched

By unknown evils.

I could reach out,

And just touch you!

Then I knew everything was going to be okay.

Until it wasn’t!

You became invisible in my sight!

Whenever I did see you, I was a stranger in your eyes.

Those green eyes I once loved so deeply,

Turned ice cold.

I tried to reach out to you,

But it was like I was nothing to you.

My calls went unanswered!

My texts…..unseen!

I could no longer touch you!

I would walk down the streets of our town…

But they no longer feel familiar.

It is now hostile, unknown territory

I feel lost without you!

You’re so far away from me

You are forever out of my reach.


New poem I wrote 🙂 hope you guys like it

In no man’s land,

There was numerous causalities.

Lost souls searching for an end.

All that is left are

Two souls separated by desolate land.

One soul, frail and full of darkness,

The other, strong, still loving and still fighting.

Equal adversaries clashing,

Surrounded by the memories

Of loved ones keeping them afloat.

Who would win?

Who knows?

Who cares???

No one!

They will clash and

There will be nothing!

Only the noise of the lost souls screaming

And memories failing.

Two souls won,

Ceasing to exist,

Wouldn’t be missed.

But no one cares.

You can’t miss something that never existed!






Losing You

This is a new poem I came up with. Hope you guys enjoy it. It was inspired from the relationships I had with people around me and how I couldn’t imagine my life without any of them. Feel free to share this poem with people who love and cherish.

Life so complexing,

With its twist and turns,

And an unexpected resolutions,

I know one definitive truth.

I can’t lose you.

I can’t lose your smile,

Your laugh,

Your presence,

Your being.

You are the light that shines my way,

The warrior that fights

Against my inner demons.

Life would be incomplete without you.

I don’t want to forget,

The way you speak,

How easily you can create

Something beautiful with your voice,

And with the stroke of a pen,

Bring audiences to tears.

I can’t lose your confidence

Your willingness to live

In these moments we share.

You are the reason I am still here,

Still breathing, still evolving.

You are not losing me

Because I can’t afford to lose you too.