A Dream

Hey, long time, no post. I havent been writing too much recently. I have been having a bit of writers block. This poem I am updating is based off a drama I have been watching called  Pinocchio. I loved the concept of the show, love the actors and the characters. This poem is inspired by the main relationship in the show. I recommend it. I am one episode away to finishing it and I dont want it to be over. Here is the poem:

Reality hit me like a canon,
Heartaches ensued and tragedies founded.
I was bitter
And alone,
Until I met you.
Your eyes brightened up my days,
Your smile warmed my heart.
Your inability to lie,
Allowed me to trust,
To trust you,
But most importantly, trust myself.
However, I could lie.
I could cheat,
And not feel sorry about any of it.
You, so pure,
So good,
So honest,
You were merely just a dream,
That I couldn’t contain.
You were a dream,
I didn’t want to wake up from.
You were my one good dream.
My other dreams,
So tainted and cold,
I couldn’t expose you to that.
I wanted you to stay pure,
To stay good.
Otherwise, it would destroy us both.
So i let you go.
I let my good dream go,
To protect you from the bad.
So you could share your honesty,
With someone who needs it,
Someone who deserves it,
For someone else you can call family

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