Poets in Music #1

Hey guys! I got a new series for you here. I found that music is a huge inspiration for my writing, the beat of music, the voices behind the song but most importantly, the lyrics. It is the lyrics that draw me into a song. They have to mean something to me for me to love it. And truthfully, musician’s songs are just like poetry, except their words must follow some sort of beat. They need a melody. But they are just like any other poet. I may not sing on a stage like them but we both have something in common; creation through words. So I have decided to start this series called “Poets in Music”. In each instalment, I will talk about a musician or musicians, either a solo artist or a band and talk about their beautiful lyrics. I will be mentioning several of my favourite artists, the ones who inspire my writing. However, I would love any other suggestions you guys have. If you can think of any great artists that write their own lyrics that inspire you and you want me to do a post on them, send me a comment. Okay, let’s start.

I am starting with an indie rock band called Bastille. They are a British band that consist of four members; Dan Smith, Chris ‘Woody’ Wood, Kyle Simmons and Will Farquarson. This band has a new and unique sound to it. Each member plays a number of different instruments and each of them has different roles to play for every song. With the use of synethisers in their music, it allows them to stand out. But what attracted me to them were their lyrics. Majority of their songs are written by the lead vocalist, Dan Smith. Their songs such as Bad Blood and Get Home, have a certain realism to them. Dan is talking about moments in his life where he experienced hardship and happiness. He puts that in each of his song lyrics. They make them very relatable and they draw you in, so you can hear more.


Bastille – Bad Blood


Another thing I found interesting thing about Dan’s songs was their tie with mythology and history. In their album, Bad Blood, they have two songs named Pompeii and Icarus. The song Pompeii obviously ties in with the historical event when the volcano, Mount Vesuvius erupted and covered the city of Pompeii under volcanic ash. He does place several images of that historical event in the song with lyrics such as “walls kept tumbling down in the city of love” and “great clouds over the hills bringing darkness from above”. However, the song isn’t really about the eruption. It is just a metaphor for life itself. He ties history in with his own experiences through his music.



Bastille – Pompeii


He even wrote a song that related to the trials and excitement of being a writer in his song, Poet. He discusses how through his writing, these moments, these people and words will live on in the pages he scribes.

Bastille – Poet


Their lyrics are authentic, their sound is authentic. None of it felt over produced. For me, I came for the lyrics. These guys inspired several of my short stories and poems. My sister introduced me to them and we went to several of their concerts. Bastille has some of my favourite song lyrics in some of my favourite songs. This year, they have a new album coming out. I can’t wait to hearing more of their music.

That’s all for this post. I will be posting again very soon. Hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you all having a great day! See you

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