1001 Challenge

Hey guys!

Recently I have been thinking of trying out something. I watched a video by Emma Blackery where she had a book called “1001 albums you need to listen to before you die.” Now, music is not my forte. But reading and writing is. So I want to get the book “1001 books you need to read before you die.” Unfortunately I couldn’t find the book in my local bookshop so I may order it online. I think this would be a fun challenge for me to do. I call it a challenge because I have found myself in a reading slump. I haven’t read for pleasure in a long time and I want to get out of that. This challenge will help me get back into reading and read some of the classics I have never read. Or even introduce myself to books I have never heard of.

Itll be a fun challenge for me and it will broaden my reading tastes quite a bit. Until I get this book, tell me some of your favourite books or just any classic novels you have read. Even just recommend some books in the comments.

Some of the classic books I read are:

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson

Castle of Otranto by Horace Walpole

The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess

On the Road by Jack Karouc

And many more.

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Let me know your thoughts and Ill keep you updated on the classics I read for this challenge. Talk to you in the next post x

This is all we know

“You are disgusting,”

“You are vile,”

“Why don’t you just disappear?”

“Why don’t you just die?”

This is all we know.

Words so meaningless,

But escaping from the lips,

of you.

This is all we know.

Spitting out of spite,

Colours drained from,

Each other’s eyes.

“Kill yourself,”

“Just die.”

This is all we know.

War is seasoned,

Armies forged,

But battles ceased.

This is all we know.

Declaration of praise,

“You are the best,”

“You are amazing,”

“Don’t leave me,”

“I love you,”

(This is not what we know).

Take me back,

To the war,

To the backseat of your carriage,

Where words are so meaningless,

“You are not nothing.”

This is not what we know.


This is the first poem I have posted in a while. I cant remember when I wrote this. I associate this poem with a relationship so toxic. Words become punches and stabs. You no longer feel like yourself and those stabs just become normal. And when words of comfort come your way, you cant deal with it. You don’t believe them because all you have heard are the words, “kill yourself,” “you are not worth it.” Truth be told, I have these words replay in my mind all the time. Feeling of doubt, fear and mistrust. I have so many people in my life that I know I can trust, but there is always a part of me that is like, “There are no good people in this world” or “you are on your own.” I know I am in a ramble today but I don’t know. I just want you to know that you are not worthless or you don’t mean anything to anyone. I know that may sound cliché or derivative but its true. You mean a lot to someone and they will miss you when you are gone. I may need reminding all the time that I have people that care about me but I do know that I’m not always alone. When I need someone, I have someone who is there for me. I just wanted to post this poem because I just wanted you to know that you are worth it. You are not a nobody.

This post has been a bit all over the place. I hope you are having a great day and Ill talk to you in the next post x

Women in Literature/Film I admire

Another post before the end of this week. I got inspired to do this post called “Like a Girl.” My friend, Aisling wrote about this in her blog, you should check her out, thisdreamsalive. In recent years, we are seeing more and more strong female characters in novels/films. However, I will always remember the women who inspired me when I was young when being strong or more courageous was too much for a female lead. When the only role a woman played in films and novels was to be the damsel who needed a man to save her. These women from literature and film inspired me and still inspire me to this day to be yourself and not to follow the status quo.

Hermione Granger – Harry Potter series

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Hermione Granger from Harry Potter is the first on this list because she is one of the first female heroines who I looked up to at a young age. I was a very good student, loved to learn and loved to write. I got bullied for being very good at school and reading a lot. Harry Potter was the first book series I got into and I related to Hermione as a character. She evolved from the bossy 11 year old into a strong, smart, independent woman. She never dumbed herself down to make anyone like her. She remained true to herself and her strongest attribute was her loyalty to her friends. Her strength and intelligence kept Harry and Ron alive throughout the series. Hermione was my first hero from a book series and Emma Watson did an amazing job at bringing this role model to life in the films.


Katniss Everdeen – The Hunger Games


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I have heard a lot of split opinions surrounding Katniss Everdeen as a character. Even though, she is considered one of the best female protagonist from a film and book, people still give her a lot of hate. In my opinion, Katniss was the strong, female protagonist we needed. Due to the society she was brought up in, she was an angry character but she was also intelligent. She knew when was the right time to say something. If it wasn’t for her quick thinking in The Hunger Games with the berries, she and Peeta would be dead. She became an unlikely leader due to her lack of care in the politics of her society but her strength in words and action led to the revolution. A character like her are very few and far between in the medium of film and literature. Suzanne Collins did a brilliant job of constructing this character in her novels and Jennifer Lawrence did a fantastic job of bringing her to life on the big screen.


Elizabeth Swann – Pirates of the Caribbean films

Image result for elizabeth swannImage result for elizabeth swann dead mans chest

I grew up watching Pirates of the Caribbean and I forgot how much of a badass Elizabeth Swann was in those films. I wasn’t a big fan of her in The Curse of the Black Pearl due to her being the typical damsel in distress character, who had to be rescued by Will and Jack. However, the end of the first film showed a glimpse of her breaking away from her bourgeois life and into piracy and I ate that up. I loved her in Dead Man’s Chest when she picked up her sword and pistol and took part in the adventure. I remember people I knew saying that they didn’t like the way she looked in Dead Man’s Chest because she looked too manly etc. I loved the way she took control of her own destiny, dropped the norms of her time such as not wearing a corset and staying at home, finding a husband. Moreover, she excelled in the pirates life when she was proclaimed Pirate King in At World’s End, the first one in many years. She showed to viewers that women can be badasses too. A woman can pick up a sword and lead an army of men into battle. Still consider her to be an amazing role model and she needs more appreciation.



Esmeralda – Hunchback of Notre Dame

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Esmeralda was one of my favourite characters in a Disney movie and she is very underappreciated. She is a strong, feisty young woman who stood up to Frollo to defend Quasimodo when no one else would. Her main cause was to fight justice for her people who had been marginalized by Frollo and those under his command. She was declared a witch by Frollo for her beliefs and his perverted lust for her (Hellfire is still one of the best Disney villain songs of all time, in my opinion). Even when her life was on the line, Esmeralda refused to give into Frollo. She would risk her own life for the cause she fought for and had respect for herself as a woman not to give into the evil doings of this disgusting man to save herself. Moreover, she accepted Quasimodo for who he is, not by the way he looked. Why doesn’t this woman get more attention by the public? She is a brilliant role model for young girls. Give her more love.



Veronica – Heathers

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If you are new to my blog, you may not have heard me talk about Heathers. It’s a great movie, go check it out. I posted a couple of poems on my blog that are based off this movie as well. Veronica is a great role model for young girls because of her ability to overcome the craziness that’s happening in her life. She gets herself into a situation with a sociopathic boy named J.D and feels trapped the dark situation she is in. J.D becomes the extreme version of an abusive boyfriend and Veronica escapes his manipulative grasps. She proves time and time again, she is capable of facing any danger. Moreover, she argues with her friends, the Heathers all the time about their extreme bullying and fights with Heather Chandler quite a lot in the film because of it. She accepts all walks of life in her school whereas her friends and even her boyfriend, J.D ignore all and attempt to destroy everyone.


Belle – Beauty and the Beast

My original heroine. If I had to pick which Disney princess I relate to or who I am most like, it is Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I love this character so much for many different reasons. One is that she reads a lot which her town considers to be odd. The fact a woman could read a book and seem intelligent was so dangerous to them which shows how progressive of a character Belle was. Moreover, her attitude towards Beast throughout the film shows she was not just going to lay down and let him treat her horribly. As for the question of her love for Beast being a product of Stockholm Syndrome, I consider that to be so ridiculous. Belle never feels like a victim in the Beasts house. She is allowed go wherever she pleases and she argues with Beast all of the time. Also Emma Watson said something in an interview that was very interesting. Belle and beasts love or relationship could only begin after the moment he lets her go. She was still a captive in his domain so how could she love someone who wouldn’t let her be free? So when he lets her go to be with her father, that’s the moment when she truly fell in love with Beast. I love their relationship because it took time for them to fall in love. It wasn’t love at first sight and she saw the beauty inside his monstrosity. And when Emma Watson portrayed Belle in the live action version, I thought it was a perfect match. She brought so much to Belle for a new generation  and I am happy that Belle will get to inspire more young women growing up.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you have any other women you admired in films or literature that I didn’t mention in the comments. Talk to you next time x



The End of an Era: A Work in Progress #1

Today, I submitted the last round of work I needed for college. I’m officially finished college. 4 years has really gone by. I am excited for this new path in my life, however, I am also sad. It is the end of an era. Ill be saying goodbye to the good old days, to the friends I made these past 4 years and see where life takes me. 4 years of my life gone in a flash. Ill miss it.

But when one doors closes, another opens. Now that I have finished my last year of college, I can now start my novel. It has been a long time coming and I am so excited to start this new task. From now on, I shall post every couple of weeks or so with updates on my novel: what progress have I made? What struggles I have been facing and any advice I can give to any aspiring writers who wish to do the same?

Image result for writing


My novel has been a long time coming. The original premise for the story came when I was in my 5th year of secondary school (high school). I started developing and writing the story during my last year of secondary school, at the end of my teenage years. However, the novel became a project of my own anger. Whenever I looked at it, it reminded me how much I hated what it was, what it represented. So….I put it on hold.


I knew I would come back to it down the line, when I was less angry and became more mature. The renewal of this idea came to me last October or November during the time I was doing my FYP. I really wanted to go back to the drawing board and create a new story off the same premise. Whether itll work or not, that remains to be seen, but I feel like this novel may be the one I have been wanting to write. All my other novels have always felt like I was writing it for entertainment reasons. There was never a purpose or meaning to it. Its not that I didn’t like my other novel ideas. I love them and I want to start them again. But I just felt like they had nothing to offer to me in terms meaning or influence. I wanted to write something that would mean a lot to me so I can inspire myself further and inspire other people (if anyone will ever get to read someday).

And I feel this novel is it.

Since November of last year, I have flushed out the central characters of the story. I have their backstories, motives and personalities. The plot, itself, needs more planning. I have certain things that need to happen in the story thought out but I need to fill in the rest of the blanks. However, I had to stop before I could do that due to college work (look at my “On Hold” post). Now that I have finished college, I can start up the process again. I hope to keep you updated with my journey and I hope you stick with me as I go on with this novel. I probably wont tell you what the novel will be about, but Ill give some details about it along the way.

First detail: The novel will be set in Limerick City, Ireland.

Image result for limerick city ireland

Image result for limerick city ireland


Image result for limerick city ireland


Related image

I hope to see you in the next post. I might post a couple more blog posts this week since I have more time on my hands. We shall see. Talk to you next time.

Poets in Music #2

Hey guys. Here is another post in my series “Poets in Music.” I have more to come soon. I feel bad that I haven’t been keeping up with it. Anyway, lets jump right into it.

The second artist that I consider an inspiration for my work is Christina Perri.

Image result for christina perri

Christina Perri is a solo singer and songwriter who debuted with her song, “Jar of Hearts” in 2010 on So You Think You Can Dance. She was signed with Atlantic Records and has released two albums; Lovestrong (2011) and Head or Heart (2014). She has a third album on the way. Her songs have always been about her life experiences, especially her experiences in love and loss. She sang songs about heartbreaks, distance in a relationship and a feeling of one-sided connection with the person you love. However, in December 2017, Christina married her boyfriend,  Paul Costabile and as of January 2018, they have daughter together named Carmella. Christina has found her happiness but I shall be looking at the work she created during her sad times. Christina songs inspired several stories of mine and still inspire me to this day. Her songs give me insight into love that was so powerful that you cant help but write it down. Here are some of her songs that I love and that have inspired either past works of mine or works I am currently working on now.


This song was the inspiration behind my short story, “The Words” which I posted on my blog back in 2015. Sometimes I name my works after the song that inspired it, which I did for this story. The song is about a love where words are too much of a risk. You know you love this person but you cant say it out loud. It is too much of a risk, too much of a change. Will we survive after those words are spoken? I love this song for its deep, meaningful lyrics and Christina’s voice complements the song so beautifully. I love it. Also, Christina’s inspiration for the song was the relationship between Emma Swan and Captain Hook in Once Upon A Time, the TV show. Once Upon A Time is one of my favourite TV shows, maybe even my favourite, which makes this song all the more special to me. I recommend you check it out.


Another beautiful song. Human is one of her more gut-wrenching songs. I relate to this song, quite a bit because the song relates to her being a giving person. You are there to help the person you love, whether it be a friend, a family member, so much so that you give too much. You are only human so you can only give so much until you’ve had enough *cough* *cough* *wink* *wink*

Its a beautiful song. I love the message behind the song and it is very relatable. I believe I wrote a poem inspired by this song. I don’t know if I posted it on this blog. Maybe I will someday.

I know, I know. This has to be Christina Perri’s most famous song, “A Thousand Years” from the Twilight soundtrack. This song has beautiful piece of lyrics and I think it was one of the plus sides from the Twilight movies. Beautiful medley, beautiful music and beautiful lyrics. This song has inspired some novels I have planned in the past. It encapsulates a long-standing relationship that has been waiting this important moment in their lives. It represents the next step, the next “thousand” years for the relationship. A love that will last forever. No matter where it came from, this song is still one of her best

And for my personal favourite song from Christina Perri:

Personally, I prefer the version without Jason Mraz in it. I listened to her version first and fell in love. It is a perfect example of a relationship that is very one-sided. You love someone that can never love you back and you can never tell them. It is one of the most painful experiences you can have. This song is one of my favourites and remains an inspiration for my work as I have gone through this exact experience before. It makes for great story. Here is Christina Perri’s solo version of the song which plays in the TV show, Revenge (I did not know this at all).

That’s all I have for this post. Check out more of Christina’s song. These were only a select few I chose to talk about. There are many other amazing songs from this artist so you should go check out more of her stuff. I decided to post this a couple of days after my Clockwork Orange review because I have been too busy to post every week and I missed last week’s posting. Hope you can forgive me. But my college year is almost over. Then Ill be able to post more and be able to start my book. Hope you enjoyed this post and I shall talk to you next week x