The Painter and his Wife

I found this old poem I wrote a couple of  years ago. I wrote this poem about a man, who was mistreated in his final days. A woman believed to have loved him, walked away when he needed her most. It broke my heart to see that happen. Some people are just rotten to the core and only want to use people. I haven’t posted any of my poetry in a while and I’m surprised I havent shared this one yet. Here’s the story about the painter and his wife.


The Painter and his wife


“For better or for worse,

For richer or for poorer,

In sickness and in health,

Till death do you part.”

Words binding

In the eyes of God and man.

A man devoted to such vows

Sang his songs of joy,

About a painter who loved his wife.

Easier to listen,

Harder to see.

His crystal facade

Cracked under pressure,

As his wife lived

Through the bottom of a wine glass,

And the expenses of the best jewels and diamonds.

Easier to believe it was love,

When the painter loved his wife.

Harder to see this developed truth

Of growing debt and lack of love.

Then came the plague.

The painter infected.

Couldn’t speak or move,

Lost all he owned,

All that remained were his paintings,

And the love for his wife.

Through her rosy lips,

She spoke her final words;

“I didnt sign up to wipe your arse for the rest of my life.”

Down came the vows,

Down came the marriage,

Down came the man.

But never did,

The painter stop loving his wife.




Nanowrimo – My Failure

So I just got through the first couple weeks of Nanowrimo and….

I’m failing. Miserably.

The first day was pretty okay. I did a small amount of words. But I wasnt too concerned as I had the day off on Saturday to catch up on my word count. Now you may be asking, how did it all go so wrong?

Easy…I got sick. I got hit with the flu the second day into Nanowrimo, and since then, my progress has plummeted.

Every time I opened my computer, my mind went blank. Too foggy to actually attempt to write. But I have done something. I began the project I wanted to write for so long. I have it under the name “Project Zero.”


It had a shaky beginning, but the hardest thing to do is start a novel. But I’m super proud I started it. But so far, I feel like a failure. I think that’s the downside to Nanowrimo. You fall off the rails and you feel like crap for not staying on top of it. But I should feel accomplished in starting the project. I’m much further than I was a month ago.

Also writers block has hit me again. But it will happen. I started writing again after so long, so the writers block will hit harder. I find it harder to jump into novel writing or short story writing. However, I still feel inspired to write. So when I have found difficulty to write my novel, I jump into my poetry project. It has evolved more this past month and I feel proud of that. “Project Cherophobia” has become a more personal endeavour and writing it has made me happier. I still need to find the structure of it and I still have more to write for it. I feel like it is a cushion for the work I am trying to do in Project Zero. When I hit a wall, I jump back to Project Cherophobia.

But so far, I have found Nanowrimo extremely difficult. I got the flu and im working all the time. I just find it hard to sit down and write. But I still pick up my phone and try to jot down some pieces of inspiration I get. So I haven’t lost complete hope. I’m way behind on my goal to hit 50,000 words by the end of the month. But at this point, I just want to write what I can. I started the projects and I feel proud. I dont regret starting Nanowrimo for that reason. I wouldnt have the initiative to start without Nanowrimo.

But let’s see how the rest of the month pans out. I hope you are all doing well in your Nanowrimo endeavours. But the point of the Nanowrimo is to write the story you’ve always wanted to tell. Dont get bogged down on the short comings or the low word count. Have fun with the writing and you’ll accomplish a large amount within a month. Talk to you in the next post.

My Opinion on Nicholas Sparks

“You read a romance story because you know what to expect. You read a love story because you don’t know what to expect” – Nicholas Sparks

Today, I decided to write an opinion piece on Nicholas Sparks. Originally, I had a blog post planned where I talk about John Green and his works. However, I still need to finish Turtles All the Way Down and i have so much more planned for that post. It’ll take some time before I post it, but I cant wait for you to read it. Instead, I wanted to delve into an author that I was obsessed with years ago. But I cant imagine reading any of his works now. This post is dedicated to the romance writer, Nicholas Sparks.


The first time I was introduced to Nicholas Sparks works, was his book The Last Song. I read it because I knew they were making a movie with Miley Cyrus in it. I loved the book and I liked the film. Then I realized how popular his books were. This is the man who wrote The Notebook, which is considered the most popular romantic films out there. He has written heart breaking tales such as A Walk to Remember and became the face of romance novels in the early 2000s. I fell in love with his works when I was in secondary school. I read loads of his books and defended his stories. However, there was a consistent criticism I heard about him. Girls in my school said to me, “he just writes the same story over and over. Someone dies in every book he writes, mostly from cancer.”

The main consensus about Nicholas Sparks is that he tells the same story over and over and over again. As a teen, i didnt see it. I continued to read his books and watch the films based on them. Now, the only book I’ll consider going back to, would be The Last Song, the first book I was introduced to. His work became formulaic and very predictable. The love stories became cliched and uninteresting.


The last book I read from Nicholas Sparks was The Lucky One and it was uninspired. The typical love story and instead of a loved one dying, the antagonist dies. But plot twist, he is redeemed through his death. That was a no better plot twist than the abusive husband dying at the end of Safe Haven. The stories always contain the same formula, the stories take place in the South. Boy and girl fall in love but something always gets in the way, such as money, religion etc. But it all turns out good in the end. The couple stay together but lose a loved one along the way through cancer.

After the Lucky One, I attempted to pick up a Sparks novel and read it. But I just couldn’t get through it. The stories became too predictable and no longer enthralled me as a reader. So if you were to look at his quote again;

“You read a romance story because you know what to expect. You read a love story because you don’t know what to expect.”

Nicholas Sparks claims he writes love stories. Each love story he writes should be different in their own way. However, every story he puts to print, never changes drastically. Different characters and circumstances, but the story remains eerily similar to most of his previous works. That’s not promising for any writer. A writer should evolve into different genres or at least, play with different stories with the genre. Sparks was good at writing love stories, but he has lost that talent. He just plays the same tune over and over. That turns stale after a while. I bought a few more of his books before I stopped reading him, but I cant imagine picking them up any time soon.

I’ll just always remember him as an author I loved when I was in my early teens. And I’ll pick up The Last Song every once and a while for a nostalgia read. I’m sorry if I offend any Nicholas Sparks fans, but this is my opinion. I used to be a fan, and I’m not anymore. I’d like something different from an author every time I pick up their new work. I dont want to read the same thing over and over and over again. But I’ll still watch the movies every once and a while. A little guilty pleasure romance movie wouldnt hurt.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Talk to you in the next one