Pros and Cons of Self-Isolation

Hello, everyone.


I has been a while since I have been on here. Sorry about that. A lot has happened since then. I graduated my Masters programme in January, I have working full time at my job, and the world has been hit with this Coronavirus. Yeah, the world has gone to shit, and my thoughts of 2020 being better than 2019, lost its footing.

As you may not know, I am from Ireland, and the country begins its preparation for a full-scale lockdown. Many people have started self-isolating, whilst others do their last bit of partying before we shut down. I mean, last weekend, young people were still going out drinking, as the count for coronavirus cases went up. Here’s an example of people ignoring social distancing:



All pubs across the country are closed after this disaster. Some businesses have stayed open. I work in my local McDonalds, so we are one of the few places left open to the public. The head of the office stated that seating areas in restaurants in the U.K and Ireland, are now closed, but that McDonalds will stay open for deliveries and drive thru. So I must journey on, and face the virus head on. Other than that, I go home and lock myself in the house after work. I have found the self-isolation hard, as many have. The only social interaction I get, are customers who get angry over a large fries. Lately, customers have gotten nastier with this pandemic. (Please be kind to people in customer service). So I thought I would talk about how I have getting through self-isolation, my plans during this crisis and the pros/cons of self-isolation.

My plans

Write my book

My current creative outlet would be my projects. I am still planning and writing my Project Cherophobia. I still write new poems whenever I can, so the project is still ongoing. Moreover, I have started a new project, a novella under the name, Project Selkie. This project allows me to delve more into my love for Irish folklore and the modern life of Ireland. Thats all the hint I can give for now. I am still in the planning and outlining stage of Project Selkie, but it has proven to be a smooth process. Its fleshing out more with each passing day, and I love working on it. Writing keeps me going through the hard times, and maybe, just maybe, Ill write my equivalent of King Lear during this outbreak.

Fix and write more on my blog

My blog has been a safe space for me, but at times, I tend to step away from it. The one thing I have been meaning to do, was to fix the layout of my blog. I never knew how to do it. But I have learnt little by little, whenever I interact with it. It has been a long process, and itll take even longer. I need to fix categories, the tags and the pages of my blog. Itll take some time, and I have a lot of it. Moreover, I want to write more onto my blog. Since Ill be writing more and developing my projects, I think returning to my blog is in order. I have a few challenge posts planned and I cant wait to write some more.

Read more

I have a full bookcase that needs to be tackled. The list of books I said I would read, and never got around to do it. Reading will help with my writing, so to read more is high on the list of my priorities during this crisis.

Pick up a new hobby

I want to pick up something new or reignite an old hobby I used to have. I want to game more, as I always loved relaxing with a new game. I have several that I have not played yet, such as, Spiderman, The Witcher 3 and Dragon Age Inquisition. I would love to dive into more games. I just redownloaded my Steam account, and I am tempted to finally play Undertale. A possible hobby I want to try, would be to create AMVs. I always loved watching them, and I have wanted to attempt to make one. If you dont know what AMVs are, they are Anime Music Videos, where you pick a song and pick a show, then create your own music from that through editing etc. You can an AMV out of anything. You can create one off of your favourite anime:

Whoarriors [Kyoukai no Kanata AMV – Sakura-con Finalist/Anime Boston 2015 Best Editing] by Ileia

Or from whatever tv show/movie you want:

Game of Thrones Women | Survivor by ImaniProdz

I doubt I will be as good as any of these ones, but Id like to learn.

Watch more shows/movies/documentaries

I have already started my list during my self-isolation. I watched Gabriel Fernandez’s series on Netflix (so infuriating to watch). I began the show, The Ancient Magus Bride, which helped with inspiration for my novella, Project Selkie, and I have many more stuff I want to watch. Some that I have always wanted to watch (Jane the Virgin, American Horror Story), some that have only come out now (Tiger documentary, I Am Not Okay With This) and some that have been recommended to me by force (JoJo, Its Always Sunny). Moreover, I want to learn more stuff about history. I recently started watching documentaries on the Tudor dynasty, Elizabeth’s reign and Henry VIII’s marriage with Anne Boylan. I love documentaries.

Go outside and walk my dogs

You need to get out of the house. It isn’t against the law for you to go outside. Just keep a safe distance from everyone else. Also your dog needs a walk too. I have a grown huskie and two young springer spaniels that need to be walked. So that will give my sisters and I a chance to leave the house and get fresh air.


The pros of self-isolation are learning new hobbies, spend more time by yourself if you are more introverted. Writers, like me, can get the projects they have always wanted to get done, finished. You can catch up on shows that you have procrastinated etc.

However, there are cons to self-isolation. Many people may find it hard to stay indoors for this long and not able to see or meet people. I am a very introverted person, but I miss seeing my friends. With my mental health, meeting friends has helped. So I implore anyone who may be experiencing this self-isolation badly, take on a routine of self-care. Do things that calm yourself. Pick up a book, mediate. Relax yourself. Take a nap. Anything that puts you in a better state of mind. Also you dont have to be alone.

Maintain contact. You are not alone in this self-isolation. Text, call or facetime your friends. You can maintain friendships, until everything blows over and you can hold them again. It is going to be a rough few months, maybe year. But we are in this together. The only way for everyone to make this easier, is stay at home. Stay away from everyone. Keep that up and this virus will go away. Then we can go back to normal.


Stay at hone. Be safe and see you in the next post.