The Owl and the Pussycat

I decided to do something a little different. I was remincising on my childhood and I remembered a lovely poem I read when I was young. I couldn’t remember the name of it. I searched and I searched. Then I remembered the story of it and I found “The Owl and the Pussycat.” A lovely little children’s poem I loved when I was little and I wanted to share with you.

I have a couple of blog posts ready for the next week or so. I cant wait for you to see them. But in the meantime, I hope you enjoy this poem. I got the poem from Poetry Foundation.

The Owl and The Pussycat by Edward Lear

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The Owl and the Pussy-cat went to sea
In a beautiful pea-green boat,
They took some honey, and plenty of money,
Wrapped up in a five-pound note.
The Owl looked up to the stars above,
And sang to a small guitar,
“O lovely Pussy! O Pussy, my love,
What a beautiful Pussy you are,
You are,
You are!
What a beautiful Pussy you are!”

Pussy said to the Owl, “You elegant fowl!
How charmingly sweet you sing!
O let us be married! too long we have tarried:
But what shall we do for a ring?”
They sailed away, for a year and a day,
To the land where the Bong-Tree grows
And there in a wood a Piggy-wig stood
With a ring at the end of his nose,
His nose,
His nose,
With a ring at the end of his nose.

“Dear Pig, are you willing to sell for one shilling
Your ring?” Said the Piggy, “I will.”
So they took it away, and were married next day
By the Turkey who lives on the hill.
They dined on mince, and slices of quince,
Which they ate with a runcible spoon;
And hand in hand, on the edge of the sand,
They danced by the light of the moon,
The moon,
The moon,
They danced by the light of the moon.

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Poets in Music #2

Hey guys. Here is another post in my series “Poets in Music.” I have more to come soon. I feel bad that I haven’t been keeping up with it. Anyway, lets jump right into it.

The second artist that I consider an inspiration for my work is Christina Perri.

Image result for christina perri

Christina Perri is a solo singer and songwriter who debuted with her song, “Jar of Hearts” in 2010 on So You Think You Can Dance. She was signed with Atlantic Records and has released two albums; Lovestrong (2011) and Head or Heart (2014). She has a third album on the way. Her songs have always been about her life experiences, especially her experiences in love and loss. She sang songs about heartbreaks, distance in a relationship and a feeling of one-sided connection with the person you love. However, in December 2017, Christina married her boyfriend,  Paul Costabile and as of January 2018, they have daughter together named Carmella. Christina has found her happiness but I shall be looking at the work she created during her sad times. Christina songs inspired several stories of mine and still inspire me to this day. Her songs give me insight into love that was so powerful that you cant help but write it down. Here are some of her songs that I love and that have inspired either past works of mine or works I am currently working on now.


This song was the inspiration behind my short story, “The Words” which I posted on my blog back in 2015. Sometimes I name my works after the song that inspired it, which I did for this story. The song is about a love where words are too much of a risk. You know you love this person but you cant say it out loud. It is too much of a risk, too much of a change. Will we survive after those words are spoken? I love this song for its deep, meaningful lyrics and Christina’s voice complements the song so beautifully. I love it. Also, Christina’s inspiration for the song was the relationship between Emma Swan and Captain Hook in Once Upon A Time, the TV show. Once Upon A Time is one of my favourite TV shows, maybe even my favourite, which makes this song all the more special to me. I recommend you check it out.


Another beautiful song. Human is one of her more gut-wrenching songs. I relate to this song, quite a bit because the song relates to her being a giving person. You are there to help the person you love, whether it be a friend, a family member, so much so that you give too much. You are only human so you can only give so much until you’ve had enough *cough* *cough* *wink* *wink*

Its a beautiful song. I love the message behind the song and it is very relatable. I believe I wrote a poem inspired by this song. I don’t know if I posted it on this blog. Maybe I will someday.

I know, I know. This has to be Christina Perri’s most famous song, “A Thousand Years” from the Twilight soundtrack. This song has beautiful piece of lyrics and I think it was one of the plus sides from the Twilight movies. Beautiful medley, beautiful music and beautiful lyrics. This song has inspired some novels I have planned in the past. It encapsulates a long-standing relationship that has been waiting this important moment in their lives. It represents the next step, the next “thousand” years for the relationship. A love that will last forever. No matter where it came from, this song is still one of her best

And for my personal favourite song from Christina Perri:

Personally, I prefer the version without Jason Mraz in it. I listened to her version first and fell in love. It is a perfect example of a relationship that is very one-sided. You love someone that can never love you back and you can never tell them. It is one of the most painful experiences you can have. This song is one of my favourites and remains an inspiration for my work as I have gone through this exact experience before. It makes for great story. Here is Christina Perri’s solo version of the song which plays in the TV show, Revenge (I did not know this at all).

That’s all I have for this post. Check out more of Christina’s song. These were only a select few I chose to talk about. There are many other amazing songs from this artist so you should go check out more of her stuff. I decided to post this a couple of days after my Clockwork Orange review because I have been too busy to post every week and I missed last week’s posting. Hope you can forgive me. But my college year is almost over. Then Ill be able to post more and be able to start my book. Hope you enjoyed this post and I shall talk to you next week x

Pen to Paper

In recent years, it seems a common thread has disappeared, the use of a pen to paper. As a writer, I used the traditional way of creating my stories, with a notebook and pen. It was the conventional way to write novels and poems. However, I have seen more and more times where writers have exchanged the use of a pen for typing on a laptop. Whatever works for you when it comes to writing your work, go for it. But I do feel like we have lost touch with the traditional ways of writing with the new use of technology. Recently, I went to a March event with Stanzas. Stanzas is the writing group I go to every month where you share your works with many people (more info about Stanzas in my previous posts). Anyway, I went to a Stanzas event, and I remember someone going up to the mic and saying they had written down their poem instead of on their phone. It has become a standard thing in Stanzas with people having their stories/poetry written on their phones, and they speak through the microphones with their eyes glued to their phones. Even one of the head of Stanzas mentioned this at one of the events. It was nice to see someone read from paper instead of reading off a tablet or phone. It is the same with reading. More and more people read books on Kindle or online, instead of just holding a book in their hands.

Don’t get me wrong; I like the use of technology. I even use it to transfer my stories from paper onto a different medium. I plan to write a story on the perspective of social media or the use of it on paper. I love the use of technology in other mediums, especially in different mediums of storytelling. I love elements of texting and social media in films such as Personal Shopper:


Or Unfriended:

Image result for unfriended gif

and many more. Technology is a part of our psyche as a community. We use it to communicate our thoughts and emotions and to connect with others. It is a valuable tool for the new wave of storytellers. That is a very interesting evolution foir writers and civilization in general. However, I will always prefer my pen to scribble my ideas on paper before I use my computer or phone. What do you guys think? Are you an old-fashioned writer like me or do you write all your stories on your technological devices?

I’m Back

To all my blog readers, I am back. Sorry I have been gone for a while. Why, may you ask? Partly because I am terrible at keeping a blog schedule and mostly because I have been writing my FYP. In your final year in college, you have to write a 9,000 to 13,000 word project on whatever topic you want. Should be fun, right? It was partly but it also involved a lot of blood, sweat and tears. Due to this project, I have not had the time to read and write for pleasure and that has been rough. I am proud of my project but I guess we will see when the results come out (crying on the inside).

However, I am now free. My project has been submitted and I am finally free to read, write and blog. I felt like restarting my blog again because I am about to embark on something that I am really looking forward to: writing my first proper novel. I have written a novel before, not a very good one and I haven’t laid my eyes on it for years. But this current project I am working on is near and dear to my heart. This story I feel will be the story I am most proud of. I think I have found what I want to write about. And since I have finished my FYP, I am planning on starting this journey of writing this novel and I am taking you along with me. Unfortunately, I won’t be sharing any of the story details on my blog, but I will be sharing the story behind the making of this novel. I will let you know the ups and downs while writing this novel, any tips I can give about writing etc. I shall also start up my old series again of favourite authors, among other things. I have a lot to talk about that I haven’t got a chance to. I am glad to be back. I hope you can stick with me throughout this journey and I intend to keep a proper posting schedule this time. Okay, I shall see you in the next post x


Wars seered into the memories,

Of the wounded, the broken and the warrior,

Or someone who possesses all three.

History makes up the past,

Spirits become mended,

And warriors rewarded with peace.

But sometimes, it seeps out

Of the pages of history books

And plague the present.

New enemies who produce the same horrors,

Or old enemies coming back

To break open old wounds,

Resurface memories rather left buried!

Why must history repeat itself?

Why endure the same horrors again,

Just with different players?

Who can be trusted?

Who will fight for the peace that was built?

And who will rather hide until the worst is over?

Time changes the warrior,

But it does not change the fate of war.

Will the warrior come out unscathed this time,

With just old wounds reopened?

Or will new wounds be made,

Lives lost and peace shattered?

Which shall it be?

I guess we will have to wait and see!

Poets in Music #1

Hey guys! I got a new series for you here. I found that music is a huge inspiration for my writing, the beat of music, the voices behind the song but most importantly, the lyrics. It is the lyrics that draw me into a song. They have to mean something to me for me to love it. And truthfully, musician’s songs are just like poetry, except their words must follow some sort of beat. They need a melody. But they are just like any other poet. I may not sing on a stage like them but we both have something in common; creation through words. So I have decided to start this series called “Poets in Music”. In each instalment, I will talk about a musician or musicians, either a solo artist or a band and talk about their beautiful lyrics. I will be mentioning several of my favourite artists, the ones who inspire my writing. However, I would love any other suggestions you guys have. If you can think of any great artists that write their own lyrics that inspire you and you want me to do a post on them, send me a comment. Okay, let’s start.

I am starting with an indie rock band called Bastille. They are a British band that consist of four members; Dan Smith, Chris ‘Woody’ Wood, Kyle Simmons and Will Farquarson. This band has a new and unique sound to it. Each member plays a number of different instruments and each of them has different roles to play for every song. With the use of synethisers in their music, it allows them to stand out. But what attracted me to them were their lyrics. Majority of their songs are written by the lead vocalist, Dan Smith. Their songs such as Bad Blood and Get Home, have a certain realism to them. Dan is talking about moments in his life where he experienced hardship and happiness. He puts that in each of his song lyrics. They make them very relatable and they draw you in, so you can hear more.


Bastille – Bad Blood


Another thing I found interesting thing about Dan’s songs was their tie with mythology and history. In their album, Bad Blood, they have two songs named Pompeii and Icarus. The song Pompeii obviously ties in with the historical event when the volcano, Mount Vesuvius erupted and covered the city of Pompeii under volcanic ash. He does place several images of that historical event in the song with lyrics such as “walls kept tumbling down in the city of love” and “great clouds over the hills bringing darkness from above”. However, the song isn’t really about the eruption. It is just a metaphor for life itself. He ties history in with his own experiences through his music.



Bastille – Pompeii


He even wrote a song that related to the trials and excitement of being a writer in his song, Poet. He discusses how through his writing, these moments, these people and words will live on in the pages he scribes.

Bastille – Poet


Their lyrics are authentic, their sound is authentic. None of it felt over produced. For me, I came for the lyrics. These guys inspired several of my short stories and poems. My sister introduced me to them and we went to several of their concerts. Bastille has some of my favourite song lyrics in some of my favourite songs. This year, they have a new album coming out. I can’t wait to hearing more of their music.

That’s all for this post. I will be posting again very soon. Hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you all having a great day! See you

Misfit Toy

Hey everyone. I know it has been a while. In all honesty, i haven’t been writing a lot lately. That upsets me. I used to write everyday to keep my mind active. Now, it has kind of lessened. Im setting out to change that. Also, i wanted to come back onto my blog. I like updating stuff here and get feedback from other writers on WordPress. I hope to start updating again. I even have plan for a new blog series, just like my interview with a writer series. I shall update that very soon. But for now, here is a poem i wrote before my few months of writers block. Hope you enjoy it:

Misfit toy





Observed from eager eyes of

Blood thirsty audiences

They marvel,

They spit,

They cheer,

They jeer,

Whatever tickles their fancy.

I, always under the watchful eye

Of the Master

Master of tricks,

Mind or otherwise.

My “difference”,

Gains him enjoyment.

My “afflictions”,

Give him power.

As i get smaller and smaller

In my caged existence,

He gets bigger and bigger

More sinister and more power hungry.

His laughs fill my mind

With poison.

“Your only worth,

Your only job is to please me”

The horrifying gurgle of his voice

Fills my thoughts

And corrupts my mind.

The master of my own affliction…

And the audience fill the stage

To watch my fall,

My grand finale.

I am done.

This misfit toy has played

Its part

Valentine’s Day

Hello. everyone. It is that time of year again, a day for the couples of the world. A few weeks back, i wrote a poem about VAlentine’s Day and i thought it would be fun to post it on the actual day. Hope everyone is having a great day with a box of chocolates beside them as they watch a soppy rom-com and enjoy the poem. This poem would be more for the cynics of the world. Enjoy

14th of February

Valentine’s Day!
The fated day,
Filled with roses,
Chocolates, kisses and
Long night of incessant fucking!!
Don’t get me wrong!
I don’t hate Valentine’s Day,
I would LOVE to receive roses
To pour acid on
I would LOVE to receive some kisses,
Lord knows if I’ll be good,
Or my mouth might as well be a washing machine.
And believe me,
I wouldn’t mind the fucking,
It would be glorious.
But I have no interest in any
Emotional connections that could come from it,
Furthermore, I see no participants in sight.
Merely just a box of Heroes,
And curled up to a good movie
(Preferably Chocolat)
Valentine’s Day is for the hopefuls,
Who dream in the prospects of love,
And new beginnings,
Which I once was.
But I wouldn’t say I am a cynic either.
I would LOVE to believe that,
Love exists.
But I would fear it,
Above all else.
I have enough shit to deal with,
Without being in love as well.
I mean, ill love him,
But would he love me?
If he does, GREAT
Will he be my soulmate?
Probably not!
Will he hurt me?
Most likely!
Valentine’s Day is for the lovers.
Not the singles!

A Dream

Hey, long time, no post. I havent been writing too much recently. I have been having a bit of writers block. This poem I am updating is based off a drama I have been watching called  Pinocchio. I loved the concept of the show, love the actors and the characters. This poem is inspired by the main relationship in the show. I recommend it. I am one episode away to finishing it and I dont want it to be over. Here is the poem:

Reality hit me like a canon,
Heartaches ensued and tragedies founded.
I was bitter
And alone,
Until I met you.
Your eyes brightened up my days,
Your smile warmed my heart.
Your inability to lie,
Allowed me to trust,
To trust you,
But most importantly, trust myself.
However, I could lie.
I could cheat,
And not feel sorry about any of it.
You, so pure,
So good,
So honest,
You were merely just a dream,
That I couldn’t contain.
You were a dream,
I didn’t want to wake up from.
You were my one good dream.
My other dreams,
So tainted and cold,
I couldn’t expose you to that.
I wanted you to stay pure,
To stay good.
Otherwise, it would destroy us both.
So i let you go.
I let my good dream go,
To protect you from the bad.
So you could share your honesty,
With someone who needs it,
Someone who deserves it,
For someone else you can call family

Emotional Block

Strange! For once, my writing isn’t helping me. Let me explain. Recently, I have been having a lot personal problems lately. And I could always turn to my pen and paper and that writing will let it go away. That my feelings will escape from my heart and onto a piece of paper. The burden is gone. I have let my feelings out. I don’t have to keep it bottled up. But not this time. Recently, I was feeling down and I ended writing my first prose in months. After writing, I didn’t down anymore. I actually felt nothing! Just a numbness. All I wanted to do was curl up in bed and watch a movie with hot chocolate. This has never happened to me before. I could always rely on my writing to get me out of a funk. I guess this time I am having more of an emotional block, than writers block. I rely a lot on my emotions for my writing. I guess I am feeling too much to even process what I am writing! Honestly, I don’t know. I just found it strange.

Anyway, hope ye are having a great weekend. Sorry, I haven’t been updating recently but ill try and get another post up soon enough. Until then, have a great week.