The Painter and his Wife

I found this old poem I wrote a couple of  years ago. I wrote this poem about a man, who was mistreated in his final days. A woman believed to have loved him, walked away when he needed her most. It broke my heart to see that happen. Some people are just rotten to the core and only want to use people. I haven’t posted any of my poetry in a while and I’m surprised I havent shared this one yet. Here’s the story about the painter and his wife.


The Painter and his wife


“For better or for worse,

For richer or for poorer,

In sickness and in health,

Till death do you part.”

Words binding

In the eyes of God and man.

A man devoted to such vows

Sang his songs of joy,

About a painter who loved his wife.

Easier to listen,

Harder to see.

His crystal facade

Cracked under pressure,

As his wife lived

Through the bottom of a wine glass,

And the expenses of the best jewels and diamonds.

Easier to believe it was love,

When the painter loved his wife.

Harder to see this developed truth

Of growing debt and lack of love.

Then came the plague.

The painter infected.

Couldn’t speak or move,

Lost all he owned,

All that remained were his paintings,

And the love for his wife.

Through her rosy lips,

She spoke her final words;

“I didnt sign up to wipe your arse for the rest of my life.”

Down came the vows,

Down came the marriage,

Down came the man.

But never did,

The painter stop loving his wife.




Research: A Writer’s Best Friend

One thing I find most important when it comes to being a writer, is do your research. When it comes to a particular genre or subject, you should research it so it get the full scope of it, in order to portray it properly. I learnt this in college. As an English student, I had to research the particular time periods and theories of that time to apply to my text. For writing, I research genres, character names, or certain time periods. Currently, I’m attempting to write fantasy so I’ve been reading George R.R Martin, researching the tropes and the lore of these stories. What worked for the genre and what was a cliché?

It’s even more important to research for your book, so to plot efficiently and start the writing process in an easier way. Nanowrimo is coming up, so I have been in full swing when it comes to research. Mainly, I’m focusing on choosing names, locations and plot threads to use in my novel.

The planning for this project comes easy to me, as the setting takes place in Limerick City. So I can visit it all the time, and take inspiration of places that I go to all the time. However, I want to mention some old place that are now closed down in Limerick, so that places my story in a particular time period.



From those basics, I have come up with a place and a time period to set my story in. Moreover, I know several Limerick locals, so I’ve developed more of my plan based on those as well. Research on the city becomes essential to the plot. For my novel, Limerick almost turns into it’s own character. Therefore, I need to live and breath Limerick. So I needed to look more deeply into the city, as I don’t know everything about the place.

The most difficult things for me when planning on a novel, are characters voices and how to get from point A to point B. When I am writing in the point of view of an aggressive Irish teenage girl, I need a distinctive voice. Beautiful descriptions of the city will come naturally to me. But a characters voice i struggle with everytime. So a great way to research that, is by going to a public place and listen to have people talk. Certain conversations can reinforce or add to your story. And you’ll develop your characters voice through that.

As for the plot, I always find it difficult to fill in the blanks. I have my beginning, middle and end, but I don’t have plot threads to connect them together. So I’ve been going back to my characters. What could I do for each character that will lead to the final goal, the final message? Any contrived characters delete from your draft. You feel like you are waffling, trim it down. Any plot points that go nowhere remove from the planning. And since I am writing a young adult novel, pick up a current young adult book and see what your contemporary authors did with their take on the genre. Currently, I am reading John Green’s “Turtles All the Way Down.” It puts me in that young adult feel, so that works. Another way to figure out plot points is by making out a mind map. It’ll it’ll connect characters to the plot and to each other. You’ll be able to find your progression for the story through that method.



And another thing I do for research, is watch YouTube videos by book tubers. I wrote a post about this before, but getting tips from fellow readers and writers can help greatly with your own writing. The Youtubers I recommend to watch  would be Lindsay Cummings (she has a few advice videos on Nanowrimo prep), Sasha Alsberg, ShaelinWrites (she does calming writing vlogs, and it always gets me in the writing mood) and Kate Cavanaugh (she does a lot of writing challenges and vlogs that get you excited to write again).

I hope you enjoyed this post, and remember, research is a writers best friend. Always consult your Google search bar and YouTube recommendations for writing advice. Go out and research on people and the place for your story. And delve into the genre you want to take part in. Its daunting, but it’ll all be worth it in the end.

See you in the next post

Work in Progress #4: Nanowrimo and Two Projects

It’s been a while since I did a Work in Progress post. For the first time in a long time, I feel like writing again and getting stuck in. Writing has always been my happy place and I need some happiness in my life right now. By the time I am writing and posting this, Mental Health day just passed.

I know a few people in my life have struggled with their mental health. This year, I’ve struggled with own mental health. I might talk about that in a later post. But all I want to say to the people struggling: you are a wonderful human being. Everyone struggles and its okay to ask for help. You are not burdening anyone with your own crap. People are there to help where they can. And if you don’t have those in your life, there are professional people you can talk to you, who can help with your struggles. You are an amazing human being and you are enough 💜

Now, as for my work in progress, I have not worked on anything since my last work in progress post. My thesis took over my life and there was no way I could write my book and my thesis at the same time. My thesis is finished, so I feel compelled to work on the projects I love. The two projects I have in mind are the poetry book and my novel. Could I do them back to back?

Who knows, but I have some poems written out for the poetry books and a possible title. Well, I have a running title for that project called, “Cherophobia” which means the fear of being happy. Yeah, very bleak but it probably will change as I write more. That is only in the beginning stages of writing. Any poem that comes to me, I put it in the book. I’ll figure out which poems belong in the book later. Some poems I’ve posted on my blog will feature in this book. I’m super excited about it and it’s really personal to me. It will delve into who I am as a person and into my complicated mindset. Once I work on it more, I’ll give some points on what the project will be. I just need to figure it out more.

But the project that I most excited about, is my novel. This project has been my mind and heart for many years and I have written about my progress with this book for so long. But I have never managed to get it off the ground. I have the plans, I have the ideas. But my drive to put pen to paper hasn’t been there. This year has been a really tough year and the thought of writing anything was just not possible. But now, I feel like writing this project is good for me. Writing has always been my safe space and the only place I can be completely honest. And I really need that at the moment.

So my plan is to take part in Nanowrimo this year and crack out the first draft of this novel. I’m excited but I’m also terrified. I want to try this but I’m also scared that I’ll give up half way through. But I think it’ll be a good idea. It’ll get me to sit down, and write the project I’ve always wanted to write. 50,000 words in a month. Let’s do this.

So my current plan is to sort out more of my planning. Go back through my old notes and plan out what I am going to do for this novel. From the 1st of November, I start writing my novel. No hesitations this time. I’m getting this done. It’ll be tough but I’m super excited. I hope you come along on this journey with me, because I’ll definitely be posting about it. I just need something to drive me on. I want to end 2019 on a high note, and this project will be that. I shall be updating you on my Nanowrimo experience and continue to blog on other stuff. Hope you enjoyed this update and I’ll see you in the next post.

Please watch Euphoria 💜

Okay, I know I said my next blog post would be my review on Bella Thorne’s new book. That can wait. I just couldn’t stop thinking about this show. After I finished my first viewing, I went back and watched it again. I just can’t get over this show 💜 So this week’s blog post will be me, gushing over this HBO show. This will be a spoiler free post. And I highly advise you to go and watch this show. It’ll be worth your while.

The story


I have watched a lot of teen dramas, but none has been as gritty and hard-hitting as Euphoria. Euphoria tells the story about “A look at life for a group of high school students as they grapple with issues of drugs, sex, and violence.” It is the most dark teen drama I have seen. It discusses depression, sexual and physical abuse, nudes and porn. It goes into various dark topics, that other teen dramas wouldn’t touch and it keeps you on your feet throughout the show.

The music

The soundtrack for this show is phenomenal. A lot of the music was created by Labyrinth. Along with chosen songs for the show, they just have pieces of music with no lyrics, sung by Labyrinth. Music, like the video above, would get you emotional throughout the show. The pieces play perfectly into certain scenes of the show. One of the best tv soundtracks I’ve heard in a really long time. It also has a phenomenal song performed by Zendaya and Labyrinth, called All For Us.

The cinematography 


The shots in this film, are phenomenal. The lighting, the colours. It is so innovative the way this show was made. You can tell that so much love was put into every shot, so to enact the right emotions from the audience. It’s superb. However, if you are sensitive to bright lights etc, this show may not be for you.



Need I say more. Give this girl an Emmy for her performance in this show. This show has an amazing cast, but Zendaya stills the show.

The ending


The show ends on an ambiguous note, but it leaves you wanting more. It caught me off guard, at how off the walls it was. But it does make sense in the context of the show. I’m not going to spoil anything,  but all I’ll say is that, thank God there is a season 2 coming.

Euphoria is one of the best shows out there. Currently, it is my favourite tv show at the moment. This was just a short post on some of the reasons you should watch Euphoria. I may do more posts on this show. It is worth the dissection. The story has so many layers, and it’s brilliant at telling a story. But until then, I hope you enjoyed this post. I’ll see you in the next one.

Poets in Music #3

Billie Eilish

Hey, guys. I haven’t done one of these in a while, but I had to talk about this artist for a second. I adore Billie Eilish. It was so hard to choose my favourite songs from Billie Eilish. She is one of the most inspiring artists out there and her lyrics are so insightful. I’ve never seen anything like it, especially from someone as young as she is. I’m almost 24 and she is more accomplished than I will ever be. A lot of my choices are from her latest album, “When We all Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” Pick it up, download it. It’s amazing. As I have said before, this blog series talks about musicians who create music with insightful lyrics, who inspire my own work. I call these musicians, “Poets in Music. ”


Honestly, this one of my (maybe the only one) favourite Billie Eilish songs. It utilises the ukulele to play this heart-breaking song. Billie’s voice is altered to sound more child-like, but it works for the context of the song. The song tells the story of a person who gives their all into a relationship, only to get nothing in return.

“I came committed, guess I overdid it
Wore my heart out on a chain
Around my neck but now it’s missing, hmm”

Some lyrics like this, showcase a person who tried desperately for this relationship to work. But no matter what they did, the other person didn’t do the same. In an interview, Billie revealed that she wrote this song in the point of view of someone she hurt. She said she wanted to understand where they were coming from, when she ultimately hurt them. Its a beautiful song, with a heart-breaking story. And my favourite lyric from the song, sums up the whole song for me,

“I know you’re not sorry
Why should you be
‘Cause who am I to be in love
When your love never is for me”


Listen Before I Go

This song is one of the darkest songs I heard from her. This song comes, almost, as a window into the mind of someone about to kill themselves. The song stops you in your tracks when you hear the opening lyric, “Take me to the rooftop, I wanna see the world when I stop breathing, turning blue.” The initial message is clear. However, what I took from the song, was that it was a letter to the people this person is leaving behind. This person, on top of the roof, knows that their friends will be heart-broken, but still plans to end their life. They say things like, “Don’t say I’m all that matters, Leave me.”

This person seems to come to terms with their decision and is almost angry at their friends for possibly stopping them or just not caring enough to stop them, “Leave me like you do”

When I first heard this song, it gave me chills and if I’m being honest, I balled my eyes out. Never has a song hit me this hard, where it brought me to tears. The most creative and heart-breaking part of the song is the end. You have the end lyrics, where this person apologises to everyone,

“Call my friends and tell them that I love them
And I’ll miss them
But I’m not sorry
Call my friends and tell them that I love them
And I’ll miss them

And the last sound you hear in the song after the word “Sorry,” is the sound of wind, a thud and people’s screams. You just heard this person’s suicide. Its hard to listen to, but it is one of the most creative songs on suicide I’ve ever heard.

I love you

Now, when I first heard this song, I didn’t really like it. For some reason, I was too held up on the more upbeat Billie songs, that I skipped this one. But when I sat down and listened to it, I was floored. This would be my second favourite song from her debut album. Love is beautiful, but it sucks as well. Billie sums it up in this one line

“You didn’t mean to say “I love you”
I love you and I don’t want to”

This song tells the story of someone who confessed their love to another person. And this song portrays the fear and confusion in that moment. “It’s not true, Tell me I’ve been lied to” and “The smile that you gave me, Even when you felt like dying.” The song shows the possibility of everything blowing up in your face when you tell someone you love them. The point of view in song is from the person who heard this confession, and they cant comprehend it. No, you must be joking.

The song plays out this battle in their head, over whether or not, they love them to. Until the final line in the song, gives the answer,

“We fall apart as it gets dark
I’m in your arms in Central Park
There’s nothing you could do or say
I can’t escape the way, I love you
I don’t want to, but I love you”

Accepting that you are in love, and that it is terrifying. The lyrics are complemented with the beautiful guitar strings. It doesn’t distract you from the story that’s being told. I adore this song, and the many nuances it holds.


All the Good Girls Go to Hell

I love this song for its wacky lyrics and the dancing beat to this song. I cant explain why I love it. I just do. I also still don’t know what the song means. From my interpretation, it tells us that everyone goes to hell, even good girls. I don’t know. I need to listen to it more. But some of my favourite lyrics in the song are, “My Lucifer is lonely” (such a cool line), “Your cover up is caving in,
Man is such a fool
Why are we saving him?
Poisoning themselves now
Begging for our help, wow!” and “My god is gonna owe me”

Plus, the beat to this song is sick. Please make a music video of this song. Still waiting


Honourable mentions

When the Party’s Over


I feel this song in my bones. And this is one of the best music videos I have ever seen. Its creepy and creative, but that’s Billie Eilish. Some of my favourite lyrics in this song are, “Don’t you know I’m no good for you?
I’ve learned to lose you, can’t afford to”


“I’ll only hurt you if you let me
Call me friend but keep me closer (call me back)
And I’ll call you when the party’s over”

Wish you were Gay

wish you were gay

The artistic way they wrote this song, where they had the 12 steps to get over someone placed in reverse. An example would be

“Baby, I don’t feel so good,

6 words you never understood,

I’ll never let you go 5 words you never say”

“10 fingers tearing out my hair,

9 times you never made it there.

I ate alone at 7,

You were 6 minutes away”

The song is upbeat and talks about being in love with someone who is broken and cant love you back. So Billie’s character in the song, turns the guy gay so to explain why he doesn’t like her back. It shows the selfishness of someone, who wants someone they cant have. People gave this song a lot of slack, due to the title. Thought it was offensive, but if you listen to the song, Billie is basically outing herself for being selfish.


That’s it for this “Poets in Music.” I’ve missed this and its good to be back. I should have a review out soon on a book I ordered. I don’t know if you’ve heard about”The Life of a Wannabe Mogul” by Bella Thorne. Yeah, that’ll be my next blog post. *Fingers crossed* If not, Ill see you in the next post. Hope you enjoyed this one.

Game of Thrones Season 8

Now that the finale has aired,  I wanted to give my grievances about the final season of Game of Thrones. I love GoT so much, and that’s why it hurts to see it fail so badly, especially when it is on it’s final run. I found it difficult to write an appreciation post about the show after watching the last couple of episodes. However, I still love most of the show. The show gave us these amazing years with amazing characters, moments and actors. And it was the number one show for many years. However, it is a shame that many people forget about the amazing moments that the show brought us because of the trainwreck of a final season. My appreciation post will come later this week.

Now that the show is over and we got our ending, I wanted to talk about what I liked and hated about it. (Yes there were some great things about this season, but unfortunately, the bad is outweighing the hard work that was put into this season).

Things I Liked:

The acting


Even though some characters didn’t get the resolution they deserved or their moments were too rushed, all the actors gave it their all. Emilia Clarke should win an Emmy for this season, for the stellar performance she gave. Her best performance came this season when her character descended into madness and turned into the tyrant we feared she would be. Just look at her face just before she sacked the city. She turned from confusion to rage and her face said it all. The actors worked with what they could and they did it fabulously.


Jorah, Theon and Sandor’s deaths


These three characters had the most powerful deaths in the season. Their arcs came to satisfying conclusions and I couldn’t ask for anything more. Jorah died protecting his queen, Theon died fighting and protecting the Starks. And Sandor got his final showdown with his brother which ended in their epic ends. Each of these characters showcased satisfying ends to their character development, which wasn’t a plentiful in this season. So it was nice to these amazing characters to come to brilliant conclusions.

The cinematography


Say what you will about the writing of the show, but this season never failed to amaze me with the shots they gave. In episode 3, 5 and 6 of season 8, it had the best shots in the whole series. They worked their hardest for this season and it shows. This season was gorgeous to look at.

The first two episodes


The season started off strong in my opinion. I felt like, after a few slow seasons, we were starting how Game of Thrones began. The pacing was good, the characters scenes were amazing. It felt like coming home when the first episode aired. I never felt happier. I even enjoyed episode 3, even though people complained about how dark the episode was. I was fine with it. But after these first two episodes, the rest only showcased good moments instead overall good episodes.

Drogons final scene


Dany’s death scene was too rushed in my opinion. Even the impact of Jon killing Dany fell flat to me. But the scene was saved by Drogon coming and coming to the realization that his mother was dead. He has been there since the very beginning. He was raised by Dany, and we felt his pain in that scene without any dialogue. And the best moment in Game of Thrones came in this scene when Drogon destroyed the Iron Throne. The only seat of power in Westeroes and the reason this whole mess started. Drogon knew that it wasn’t Jon who killed Dany, but the power consumed from the Iron Throne. If it never existed, none of the tragedies of the show would have happened, especially Dany’s death. This scene with Drogon broke me as a viewer. And as he took Dany’s body away to grieve in solitude, it ended the Mother of Dragons perfectly. Drogon, the last dragon on earth, brother less and motherless.

Things I didn’t like

Jons character arc


We have followed Jon since season 1. He had been a main character throughout the series. And many held with baited breath when he came face-to-face with the Night King. However, that moment was taken by Arya. I loved that scene but it was meant for Jon and that shows when you see what Jon did after that. Oh wait, he did nothing after the Battle of Winterfell. All he did was tell everyone he didn’t want to be king and staying away from Dany. All he did in the end was kill Dany. It felt rushed and wrong since he did nothing throughout this last season. His character got shafted towards the end and it felt unfair.

Dany’s descent into madness

Dany is my favourite character in the series and it broke my heart to see what happened to her in this final season. Now, let me explain. I didn’t mind that she went mad. That was the most logical end for her character. I loved the scene when she burns down King’s Landing, as it shows our beloved Daenerys descend into madness. However, the showrunners gave Dany’s descent only two episodes to develop. Therefore, when you watch her burn the city to the ground, it felt unjustified and wrong. How can sweet Dany who would never burn a city, all of sudden torch it and kill millions? This is why I felt they should have done another season. So they would have the time and resources to flesh this out and not have it too rushed. I felt sad to see Dany’s character arc go that fast, as she has been pretty fleshed out throughout the series. Similar to Jon, they should have taken more care with Dany’ story arc for the final season.




Jaime Lannister and his redemption arc. Thrown out the window. Oh my god. Out of all the things wrong with this season, this pissed me off the most. Jaime left Cersei in season 7 and went to the North. All seemed to be coming to an end with his redemption arc. He separated himself from Cersei and fought for what he thought was right. He got with Brienne (finally) and it seemed he would live out his days in the North with her. But no, they had to have him go back to King’s Landing to be with Cersei. In that moment, I thought that the only way they can save this, is if he killed Cersei. But no, they died together in each others arm. So his whole redemption that started back in season 2, or 3, meant nothing. And fuck Jaime for what he did to Brienne. Tormund would have treated her right.


Overall, the season fell flat due to the writing. Everything felt too rushed and thats what I fear would happen when they announced that the final season would have only 6 episodes. They should have done 10 and another season. To do it justice, they should have had a season 9. However, I didn’t hate the season. As discussed, the season had so many good things about it to. The shots, the moment when Ayra killed the Night King, Dany’s dictator speech. So many jaw-dropping moments, just the way Game of Thrones should be. I was disappointed with how the showrunners certain characters and how many stupid stuff lead to certain points but I wont say I hated it. They were many things they got right in the show. And I felt the ending was one of them. Many were divided by the ending and I understand why. I felt the same. Bran becoming king felt out of nowhere to me and out of all the characters, he was my least favourite, especially this season. But I accept that they would be better off with Bran as king. I loved the conclusion to Sansa’s story with her as King of the North. The ending was bittersweet in the sense that when the conflict was done, the Starks are still not together. Separated by exile, duty and need for adventure, the Stark children have gone their separate ways. I neither hate or love that ending because it wasn’t what I expected but im happy with it. Seeing Dany die broke my heart, the election of Bran as king gave me hope to a new start and to see the Stark children have their own happy endings, I felt bittersweet. As Martin and the showrunners said I would feel. The final season was slightly disappointing but I didn’t hate it. I can debate about the horrible decisions the writers made, but I stand by this, Game of Thrones was one of the best tv shows out there. And I am glad to have been a long-time viewer. I think Anatomy Trope puts it better than me in his video here:

But the final season wasn’t the worst. It wasn’t the best ever. There was potential there, but it fell flat by the writing. But I still adore this tv show, and I am so sad that it ended. What did you think of the ending? And how did you feel when it was over? Id love to here all about it in the comments below.

Hope you enjoyed this blog. I shall post my Game of Thrones appreciation blog up this week. Until then, talk to you soon.

The Owl and the Pussycat

I decided to do something a little different. I was remincising on my childhood and I remembered a lovely poem I read when I was young. I couldn’t remember the name of it. I searched and I searched. Then I remembered the story of it and I found “The Owl and the Pussycat.” A lovely little children’s poem I loved when I was little and I wanted to share with you.

I have a couple of blog posts ready for the next week or so. I cant wait for you to see them. But in the meantime, I hope you enjoy this poem. I got the poem from Poetry Foundation.

The Owl and The Pussycat by Edward Lear

Image result for the owl and the pussycat poem illustrations

The Owl and the Pussy-cat went to sea
In a beautiful pea-green boat,
They took some honey, and plenty of money,
Wrapped up in a five-pound note.
The Owl looked up to the stars above,
And sang to a small guitar,
“O lovely Pussy! O Pussy, my love,
What a beautiful Pussy you are,
You are,
You are!
What a beautiful Pussy you are!”

Pussy said to the Owl, “You elegant fowl!
How charmingly sweet you sing!
O let us be married! too long we have tarried:
But what shall we do for a ring?”
They sailed away, for a year and a day,
To the land where the Bong-Tree grows
And there in a wood a Piggy-wig stood
With a ring at the end of his nose,
His nose,
His nose,
With a ring at the end of his nose.

“Dear Pig, are you willing to sell for one shilling
Your ring?” Said the Piggy, “I will.”
So they took it away, and were married next day
By the Turkey who lives on the hill.
They dined on mince, and slices of quince,
Which they ate with a runcible spoon;
And hand in hand, on the edge of the sand,
They danced by the light of the moon,
The moon,
The moon,
They danced by the light of the moon.

Image result for the owl and the pussycat poem illustrations


BookTuber/Writing Channels I Love

I dont watch that many booktubers or writing videos on YouTube. I have been trying to find more writing vlog to watch, because I find watching these type of YouTubers inspire me to keep writing. My writing has slowed down within the last couple of years.

Sometimes I hated these YouTubers for talking about reading and writing. With my reading slump, I felt like a failure when watching these people. They would talk about the 10 books they had read in the past month, whereas I barely get through one book. However, these channels helped me to get back into writing.

They talk about stories they love in these books and they talk about their writing process. I mean you cant say that watching these types of videos, wont make you feel inspired by the end. I wanted to write a blog post about these channels so that if any of you need some inspiration or you feel discouraged by your reading or writing, check out these channels. You may find the next best book for you to read and they could help you start writing again.

And for any of you who do watch some booktubers or writing channels, let me know of anymore channels I could watch. I’m trying to broaden my watchlist.

Sasha Alsberg (abookutopia)

Image result for sasha alsberg

The first booktuber I need to talk about is Sasha Alsberg. Her channel is called @abookutopia. She was the first booktuber I came across and her channel was the reason I got into watching other literature channels. She is very bubbly, outgoing and brilliant to watch. Moreover, she has become a writer, as she published her first book in January 2018, called Zenith. She has made a few vlogs about her writing process through the time she was writing Zenith. She got me excited to write again. I just wanted to sit down, and write my own adventures again, after watching her vlogs.

She also makes videos about her favourite books of the year etc. She is a great source to go to, if you are looking for new books to read. She is one of teh more popular booktubers as she has met and interviewed several celebrities on her channel, such as Stephanie Meyer:

She is a young upcoming writer and a fun YouTuber to watch. I have yet to read her book, Zenith, but I have it ready on my bookshelf.

Lindsay Cummings 

Image result for lindsay cummings

Next is Lindsay Cummings. I discovered her through Sasha’s channel. Since she co-wrote Zenith with Sasha, she appears in several of her videos. Lindsay has a channel of her own, where she discusses her love of reading and her own experiences with publishing. She is one of the more experienced writers I have come across on YouTuber, as she has published several novels. Overall, she has published 7 novels; The Murder Complex, The Fear Trials, The Death Code, The Balance Keepers Triology and Zenith. Her channel focuses more on the writing process and how to get published. I love the writing vlogs she does as you can see into her day as she goes through a draft of her novels.

She does a lot of videos on writing tips. She discusses NaNoWriMo and the difficulties of getting through your novel.

She is less bubbly than Sasha, but I love her writing advice. She makes a calm atmosphere in her videos, which makes it easier to feel inspired and listen to what she says. She is updating less on YouTube as she has moved house and having her first child with her husband. I wish her all the best in her endeavours, with her new life and her next novel, Nexus.

Shaelin Bishop (ShaelinWrites)

Her channel is more about the art of writing and she discusses her own projects she is working. I love Shaelin’s channel as she discusses her own projects, her own novels and short stories. She has published a couple of short stories, so I feel confident watching her advice videos and feel more inspired to write after her discussions. She took a hiatus from her channel, so I didnt go back to her channel for a while. She recently came back to her channel so I came back to her old and new content. My favourite videos from her are her discussing her works:


I love when she discusses how she came up with her ideas, and how she delves into these different worlds she writes about. She also talks about her set-backs, such as her growing disinterest in a project she used to love or the hardships of writing a particular work:

But my favourite videos of hers, are the more recent writing vlogs she is doing, where she writes out a short story and discusses what happens while she is writing it. She provides great advice on how to create an engaging story, interesting characters and unique dialogue. I love her simple set-up in her videos. It is just her and the camera. She just sits down and talks about writing. And I love it.

Those are all the booktuber channels that I love. Go check them out. They have really inspired to keep writing and reading. It’s a section on YouTube where I felt was what I was into. It’s not all prank videos or drama videos, which is nice to find. And if you have any other book/writing I can check out, let me know in the comments. I’d love to watch some more. See you in the next post x

New project and college – A Work in Progress #3

Hey, I’m back with another update on my novel.


Its not going well.

I havent written a single word on my novel and it frustrates me to no end. The problem is, I’m still stuck on the planning phase. I will be hitting a year of planning in November, and I havent written a single word.

Here what you need to know about me: I never plan anything out. When it comes to my writing, I come up with an idea and run with it. I dont stop to think, and I just write. It has usually worked out for me. However, after I took the creative writing class in college last year, I decided that I would plan this novel out. I shall sit down and think about it. This novel is so important to me. I wanted to do it right. But now, I feel unaccomplished.

I want to write it, but I dont have the nerve or inspirational drive to do it.

And now….

I have a new idea for a completely different project. The one thing I hate most of all about being a writer, is that your brain never stops thinking. It never stops imagining new possibilities to create. I dont want to move onto this new project without working on my novel. This novel is my baby, and it isn’t coming along as easily as I had hoped.

Plus, I’m back in college. I have finished my undergraduate and going into my Masters degree. I’m moving up in the world. But that means I’ll be working on my thesis next year, and I wont be able to write. I want to succeed in my academia and writing will affect that.

So….there it is. My life has become a little hectic lately. My novel has frozen in place, and this new project is eating away at me.

The new project is going to working on poetry, instead of a novel. I said I would never write a poetry book. Well, guess what. Its happening!!!! I have written a few poems already. Why not do two projects at once??

Write poetry, as well as, write my novel. Mhmm…but I dont have the time. We shall see, I suppose.

Thats my most recent update on my projects. I’m excited to be doing something new, by planning out a poetry book. However, I want my full attention on my novel and my studies. It has been difficult. I hope it will turn out well. Sorry for the short post today. I just felt like updating you on my progress. Since I’m back in college, blogging will be a little more difficult. I intend to continue blogging while in college. It shall be my escape during the tough days of college, however, I may miss a few days. So be patient with me. I will have something posted…eventually.

From Book to Movie Adaptations: Harry Potter

I recently was watching YouTube videos on Harry Potter and I got the idea for this post. When the films came out, I saw every single one in cinemas. I adored the movies. But when I read the books, I fell in love with the world even more. It has been years since I last read the Harry Potter books. I remember certain differences between the films and books, but I didn’t realize how much was left or changed for the sake of film-making. Certain info on the book series I rediscovered through a YouTube channel, called MovieFlame. His channel discuss the series by going through key details that were missed or left out of the films entirely, such as character arcs, backstories etc. You should go check out his channel. This is the video that inspired me to write this post:

I always read the books before I watch the films, but the Harry Potter series was an exception. I hated reading when I was young. I would always avoid reading assignments in school and watch the films instead. But when I read Harry Potter for the first time, it solidified my love for reading. It is interesting to compare both the books and the films and that is what I am going to discuss today. The first thing to look at is:

Change in Characters

Overall, the characters in the films were vibrant and engaging, just like their counterparts in the books. However, there were some characters who were badly represented in the films or some were dumbed down to bring other characters up. Three characters that come to mind for me are:

Ginny Weasley 

Image result for ginny weasley

For Ginny, I completely forgot what she was like in the books. The Ginny I knew was the one in the films and in that regard, I had so many questions about her character. She was portrayed as Harry’s number one fangirl and the only girl amongst the Weasley siblings. One of my friends told me that one of their favourite characters was Ginny and that they hated how the films portrayed her. I couldn’t remember what she was like so I watched a YouTube video, going through the life of Ginny Weasley.

In the books, she was fierce, intelligent and a very skilled Quidditch player. At the beginning of the series, she was Harry’s fangirl. The films got that right, but they never delved into Ginny’s true character. The youngest of a big family and the only girl, Ginny had to fight her own battles at a young age, especially when she had brothers like Fred and George. She taught herself Quidditch at a very young age, by stealing her brothers brooms at night. She got so good, she took over for Harry as Gryffindor’s seeker, and even won a few matches.

She was very loyal to her friends, such as standing up for Harry against Draco, defending Luna against school bullies and stood by Harry’s side when the world called him a liar. In the films, the relationship between Ginny and Harry was never explained. As a movie goer, Harry started liking Ginny out of the blue. Before the Half Blood Prince, Ginny was Ron’s younger sister and a fangirl. All of the sudden, he likes Ginny. There was no progression or sign in the films that Harry started liking Ginny. Whereas in the books. J.K Rowling started developing their relationship since the 4th or 5th book.

Image result for harry potter and ginny illustration

Harry started pushing people away, when he felt Voldemorts control on him in the 5th book. Ginny was the one who told him, he was being an idiot and that he should have talked to her about Voldemort’s control since she was possessed by him in Year Two.

“I forgot” Harry said.

“Lucky you.”

Ginny became more out-spoken with Harry, unlike what she was in the films. She showed off her skills in Quidditch, and her fierce personality, such as when Ron shouted at her for kissing Dean in public. Ginny retorted and said, Ron was just jealous because he has as much experience as a 12 year old when it comes to kissing. And when Ron kissed Lavender in the Gryffindor common room, Ginny came up to him and said “Youre a bloody hypocrite.”

Moments like this were excluded from the film and her character suffered due to these changes. She was reduced to a love interest to the main character.

Ron Weasley

Image result for ron weasley

Ron is a great character in the books and films. However, on closer inspection, youll notice one thing about Ron. In the films, he seems to be a complete bumbling idiot. He is what you call the comic relief. I have seen videos on the internet, asking the question: did Ron need to be there? Was he necessary to the story or was he just a tool? In the film, he cracks jokes and acts as that character who will liven up a scene when it gets too serious. He is not as skilled of a wizard as Harry or as intelligent as Hermione. So what is he doing there? The one thing the films failed to show more of, is Ron’s loyalty.

Image result for harry ron and hermione illustration

Ron will do anything for her friends. Scenes that showcased this in the books, never made it into the movies. An example of this would be the scene in the Shrieking Shack in the Prisoner of Azkaban. In the film, Hermione stands in front of Harry and says to Sirius Black, “If you want to kill Harry, youll have to kill us too”.

In the book, it was Ron who said this. He stood up on his broken leg and bravely faced Sirius Black. Moreover, it is more apparent in the books, that Ron is essential to the trio. Without Ron, Harry and Hermione would be lost. Ron is the glue that keeps the group together as shown in the Prisoner of Azkaban and the Deathly Hallows, when the trio was broken up. His bravely and loyalty were put on the back burner in the films and they made him more of the funny, idiotic character amongst stronger characters.

Luna Lovegood


Image result for luna lovegood

For Luna, she was very much the same in the film as she was in the books. However, the films showed more of her quirky side. When I first saw her in the Order of the Phoenix, she was a very odd character to me and I didn’t know if I liked her or not. My mother loved her instantly. But when I re-read the books again, I realised how much of an inspiration she was, which I felt the films didn’t capture well enough.

She was quirky and bubbly. She knew who she was and that is an amazing trait to have. She had this sweet innocence that no bully or force of evil could take away from her. In the books, Luna was bullied severely for her unique personality. Students stole her shoes which forced her, to walk around barefoot. Luna would put it down to nargles. She believed in a world that might have been false but it was real to her.

She was a bright student and an amazing witch. She may have attracted some hate, but she also found loyal friends in Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Neville. Friendship was a huge thing for Luna. When she found her friends through Dumbledore’s Army, she remained loyal to them. After the events of the 5th book, Luna became closer to Harry and the others. She even had paintings of them on her bedroom ceiling with gold engravings around them, saying in Latin, “Friendship.”

She was kind person, even with the people who made fun of her. When the trio used to make fun of her, she stayed kind. Even when Hermione and Ron made fun of her father’s magazine and Harry disregarded her, she still helped Ron with his owl off the Hogwarts Express. When the wizarding world turned against Harry, she came up to him and said ” I believe He Who Must Not Be Named is back and I believe you fought him and escaped from him.”

Image result for luna lovegood illustration

I have a new found respect for Luna’s character. Even when everyone hated on her and bullied her, she stayed true to herself and found true friends out of it. She was a shining beacon of light in the books and the films didn’t portray that enough.


Story alterations

I understand when it comes to adapting a book into a movie, things have to change or be left out. But there were some things in the books that I wished were in the movies. Examples are:

Peter Pettigrews death

Death, yes. Im pretty sure he didn’t die in the movie. He just got stunned.

The beginning of this clip shows what I mean. In the book, Peter Pettigrew was killed by the silver hand that Voldemort gifted him in the Goblet of Fire. The last time Harry and Peter saw each other, Harry saved him from being killed by Sirius Black and Remus Lupin. So Peter owes Harry his life. And Harry cashes in on that favour in Malfoy Manor, by asking him to help them escape. Peter’s hesitation showed an act of betrayal and the silver hand murdered him for it. It was a good scene, a nice wrap up to the Peter Pettigrew’s story. But it was reduced to being stunned by Dobby the elf.

I mean why??

Tonks and Lupin’s pregnancy

The fact that Tonks was pregnant throughout the final book, was never mentioned in the films. Instead, they had Moody interrupt their announcement to Harry in the 7 Potters scene.

Moreover, we never heard or saw their child after the Battle of Hogwarts in the films. Moreover, one of my favourite scenes from the last book was the fight between Harry and Lupin in Grimmauld Place. Lupin had just left Tonks who was pregnant at the time, using the excuse that he had to go help Harry. But Harry saw right through it, and gave out to Lupin for abandoning his wife at this important time. This scene showed Lupin at his weakest point, thinking he put his wife at a disadvantage, by having a child with a werewolf. He thought she would be better off without him. Also this scene showed Harry not taking his shit and told him to go home. Hermione may have been mad at him for that, but I agreed with Harry.

Character Arcs never fulfilled

Petunia and Dudley Dursley – They originally had scenes filmed with Harry and the Dursleys before they parted ways. It redeemed Petunia, who we assumed hated her sister, Lily. The truth was she grieved for her sister and missed her. Dudley was redeemed when he said to Harry, “I dont think you are a waste of space.” We never got the closure from the Dursleys in the final version of the movie.

Draco – He had a redemption scene that was deleted, where he threw a wand to Harry to help him fight against Voldemort. That small detail was replaced by the awkward hug between Draco and Voldemort.

Image result for voldemort and draco hug gifs

We didn’t need this. Or the Ginny and Harry scene at the Burrow.

Image result for harry zipping up ginnys dress gif

Why, Warner Brothers?

Percy’s betrayal

The films never touched upon Percy taking the side of the Ministry of Magic, when they called Harry a liar. It caused a rift within the Weasley family, which showed that this family can have cracks in their foundation. I despised Percy for that period of time. He was so ignorant and blindly followed the Ministry. It is all, but removed from the films entirely. Percy was just reduced to a tour guide for the Hogwarts castle.

Bill and Fleur

Yes, this couple. They never got much screen time in the films. Bill didn’t appear until the final film, and Fleur disappeared after the 4th film. There was no build up of their characters or their relationship before we were present at their wedding in Deathly Hallows Part 1.

Related image

There was never the awkwardness at the beginning of the relationship, because of Ron, who asked her to the Yule Ball in the 4th book. There was never that funny banter between the family or the trio about Fleur and Bill. They just appeared out of nowhere in the 7 Potters scene in Deathly Hallows and we are supposed to root for them or love them on the spot.

Overall thoughts:

There are so many things I could point out, but well be here all day otherwise. Even though I have been bashing the Harry Potter movies throughout this post, I still adore them. They are amazing on their own, and they were a central part of my childhood. The films got me to the read the books and the rest is history.

But if you compare the films to the books, you know who would get the superior title. That is the case for many books to movie adaptations; the books are always better. The actors did a great job of bringing the characters to life on the big screen, but they had to follow a script given to them and controlled by a studio, who helped create this franchise, and who are still releasing new movies to add to this world (Fantastic Beasts). However, there are other book to movie adaptations that succeeded in following the formula of the novel and creating a carbon copy of the book. Some have even been better than the original source material.

I may talk about that in later posts but for now, that is all I have for today. I hope you enjoyed this post. It has been a long time coming. I have been busy with work lately so I havent been posting much. My last post was on the 2nd of August….that definitely needs to change. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed and I shall talk to you in the next post x


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